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We bring you Asia, from new perspectives.


The world does not get smaller, our imaginations just get bigger.


We see more, hear more and communicate more than any previous generation in human history, so it’s natural that there’s more to understand about each other. Our ancestors could once live their entire lives within a day’s walk from their home whereas today many of us can live and work anywhere in the world that our imagination can take us.


But that means we need to understand so much more about so many more different peoples and cultures. It’s the challenge and the delight of modern life.


So, let us assist you in exploring your global imagining. Let us link you across continents and across cultures. Let us help you to understand different peoples, different rules, different philosophies and different lifestyles.


We have enriched our lives understanding difference and now we help others do the same.


But difference is not a static thing. We change, other people change so we must constantly adjust our ways of dealing with people and re-setting our ways of doing things. As the old French proverb says: “Il n’y a que le provisoire qui dure.” … » only the temporary lasts.


We like to report impartially and without bias; and without starting our work with a preconceived thesis. After all, our world is not just black or white, it is characterized by endless nuances. We therefore prefer to convey information and points of view rather than opinions: we take our audience seriously and we don’t lecture anyone about what’s right or wrong.


Maybe our reluctance to judge also has to do with us mostly living and working in Asia – where differences and contradictions are a widely accepted fact of life.

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